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We keep you reliably on the road! With 24/7 Emergency Service, a Fleet of Loaner Vehicles, and the most reliable mechanics in the industry, we are there for your life.


We know that you like to shop around, and we do too! We have some of the best prices in the Niagara Region, and we can even help with affordable monthly payments.

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Tires and Wheel Services

“Oh Tires!  You glorious rubber tubes of joy which keep us stuck to the ground and steady on the road we ride.  May you forever remain young and vibrant.”

Your tires are one of the most important parts of your vehicle and we all know this.  We don’t walk without shoes, and we certainly wont drive without tires.  But sometimes we neglect them, let them go bald, forget to feed them air, or god forbid don’t change them appropriately for the season.

There’s a lot we can say about tires, but we’ll leave that to the DIY Car Care Tips videos we always post on Facebook – check them out!

What we can say is that we are here to help you with all of your tire needs.

Tire Replacement Warning Signs

High Tech Diagnostics Available

Vehicles are getting more high tech, and computerized.  Don’t worry, we’ve invested in the best tools and technicians to keep you ‘Rolling Safely’.


Mount & Balance

$ 24.95 Per Tire

*on most vehicles

Tire Rotation (x4)

$ 24.95

 *On most vehicles


New Tires

$ Varies

*Size / Model

General Labour and Diganostic

$ 95.00 / hour

Billed per 30 Min 


Wheel Balance

$ 12.95 Per Tire

*on most vehicles


New Rims

$ Varies

*Size / Style

Winter Tire & Rims

$ Varies

*Size / Style


We Also Do KeyFobs

$ 40.00

New FOBs starting at 

Auto Mechanic Helping a Customer

The 'Auto Repair Business' has never been about cars. It has always been about PEOPLE, and their need to get around RELIABLY."

Our commitment is to our customers!

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