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Brake System Services

When your driving, you expect the car to go where you tell it to… otherwise you would have bought a horse, right?

Your cars alignment says a lot about how precisely you can control the vehicle when steering and when not steering.  Alignment issues can cause turning to be difficult, or cause the car to phantom veer, which is not what you want to bank your safety on.

Alignment issues can happen for any number of reasons from potholes that are just being fixed on Southworth, to accidentally going over a curb, and even just general time driving.  Cars just happen to go out of alignment.

We offer a FREE Alignment check service that will keep you safe and in control of your vehicle.

Common Alignment Warnings

High Tech Diagnostics Available

Vehicles are getting more high tech, and computerized.  Don’t worry, we’ve invested in the best tools and technicians to keep you ‘Rolling Safely’.


Alignment Check


Front / Rear Ea.

General Labour and Diganostic

$ 95.00 / hour

Billed per 30 Min 


4 Wheel Alignment

$ 89.95

*Best Price in Niagara


We Also Do KeyFobs

$ 49.95

New FOBs starting at 

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